Trenkle Architecture & Construction is a brand new business model dedicated to the idea that architecture can improve people's lives. By bringing an understanding of how well-designed spaces can positively impact people's feelings and attitudes and how choosing the right construction can reduce exposure to environmental toxins, coupled with an affordable building design, drawing, consulting, and construction service package, Trenkle A&C aims to guide as many people into healthier, happier lives as possible.



The meaning of architecture has befuddled laymen and professionals alike for centuries. It is considered one of the oldest professions, it is concerned with the provision of one of the three necessary ingredients to survival, shelter. Yet few are able to distinguish it from mere building or construction. Perhaps it is a building with beauty. Perhaps a building abiding by a certain set of rules, rules of geometry and proportion for instance. My vision is that the highest purpose for architecture is the protection and enhancement of human well-being, comfort and happiness. A created space capable of inducing positive emotion. There are many aspects of this but two we can hone in on which are neurological and physiological: tactics that have the potential to be emotive and tactics that reduce toxicity in the environment. Through this understanding, we offer a better quality design and service. 

Many are finally starting to realize that our lives are surrounded by an abundance of toxins in the environment, from the food and beverages we consume, to the flame retardents in furniture, to air-borne and water-borne toxins. The cotton in our clothes contains pesticides. Our granite countertops off-gas radon. The list goes on and on. We spend a huge majority of our times in our homes and yet the home itself has not recieved much attention from the organic / healthy / non-toxic movement.


"My experience with Matt was Exceptional. His thoroughnesss and planning through every phase of the project gave me confidence. He asks the difficult questions and is prepared to answer difficult questions of himself"


Dan Griswold
Fire Chief / Casper Fire Station

"The overall quality of Matt's work is supurb. He is very easy to work with, friendly and accomodative. He listened to us well and drew insights from how we described we wanted our home to create powerful spaces. Matt has a wealth of knowledge and resources and carried us through the entire process, beginning to end. We are very happy and pleased with our new home"

The Krauses
Homeowner client